Sarah Jane Ceylon arrived in a pretty blue garb and flawless, unblemished flesh. Our lil bondage ballerina won't keep either of those for long. As pretty as she is, no one wants to watch her standing around, minding her own business. We want to see her suffer. We want her bare and bruised. We want her suspended, crying and asking for grace. And we are going to get what we big tits torturetits and clit torture art
A beautiful, ginormous-titted blonde like Rain DeGrey can be seen in every town in America, so what makes her special? Well, she is one of the most mighty bondage lovers ever. Whips, flogs, clothes pins, forceps, and whatever else; Rain loves it all. Sure, she sobs a bit when we put dozens of clothes pinches all over her face, but when she is in that kind of anguish she is one step closer to jizzing.homemade bdsm tit torture picsSexy and flexible Eliza Jane is back for day two of her training. Xander trains Eliza to take his dick while she is restrained in the hardest bondage positions: two suspensions, a wide open doggie and a legs splayed open missionary. Weighted nipple clamps and copious heavy flogging keep Eliza enthusiastic, and Xander delivers the sexual dominance in spades. Great job Eliza!cunt and tits torture pics
It's our fave machine - the Automatic Bj Machine. It is a modified boinking machine, specifically designed to give dudes delectation. Where there used to be a dildo we have attached special cords for keeping a girls head in place. Cherry Torn is trussed into place for a off the hook demonstration. We are going to turn it up to maximum speed and watch her gag on every inch of fuck-stick presented to her.Darling is another enormous time bondage legend who never does boy/girl fuck-fest. Or at least she was until she faced us. There is something about our sensational brand of bondage that is so intensely erotic that she just can't hold back. She takes the hardest poking of her life, screaming and cumming the whole time. After a few squirting orgasms her eyes roll back into her head and she is out.Kristina Rose thinks that playing coy is going to gain her some kind of advantage. Almost as if she thought we wouldn't notice how much of a bondage slut she is the second we laid eyes on her. Well, if it makes her feel better to pretend like she doesn't love every second, that isn't going to slow us down any. As soon as she is tied down her pussy is soaking wet. It is as good as a green light.Samsara was once O.T.'s beloved gimp, but now that he's found Sierra Cirque, her only use is as a instrument for him to get his fresh damsel off. He uses her as a table and a chair and, when his mitts get too weakened, he lets her lick Sierra's snatch until she spills. Each time Sierra gets to jism it is a reminder that Samsara has lost that privilege. And when O.T. is done with her at the end of their time, he takes her out with the garbage.
real teens in hooter torturewoman tortures her own gigantic tits
Roxanne Rae wants to be made to face her fears and we give it to her in spades. Watch the pretty slut fight when confronted with a sleep mask, then painfully submit to the darkness and the cock in her gullet. The pretty gimp chick is screwed hard, accurately used and walks away a stronger super-bitch for having faced down her fattest fear.
Chanel Preston is spied on and gets unexpectedly visited by the fantasy squad. She is limited, roughly abused and plumbed by the authority John Heavy and Mr. Pete. Chanel's fantasy comes true when pleasure is combined with pain while she is trussed, torn up in the ass and double penetrated.Cherie DeVille starts off in a box, a total sized cage, actually, and while it is awkward it is at least safe. She won't be there lengthy. Thanking him for graciousness, praying him to cum, pleading to conform, these are the signs of a polite and obedient slave. Normally that would be enough to avoid penalty, but not this time. The only reason PD needs to make her suffer is that he loves to observe it.PD wastes no time with a slut as molten as 412. They have history, so she knows exactly what to hope; tight restrain bondage and sadistic punishments.
sexual slave tit fucking tortureLyla Storm, Casey Calvert and James Deen return for a highly off the hook feature presentation with Incredible rough fuck-a-thon and interaction. Casey Calvert is a war reporter who lives out her fantasy when she goes deep into barred enemy territory looking for a hot story. She takes photographs of what looks like a POW female, Lyla Storm, who is naked and being smashed rock-hard and predominated by some of the rebel soldiers. Casey then attempts to leave and gets caught by a soldier who binds her up, interrogates her and fucks her into oblivion. Both girls are then corded up together and get the pound of a lifetime. This is one story this bad journalist will not be writing about!Standard live feeds start off with a tiny bit of Q&A, but we know Hazel almost as well as she knows her self at this point, so everyone is anxious to get down to the biz of making her yell.

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Innocent looking beauty brutally caned on her big chubby assfree tits and pussy tortureBig tit juicy ginger-haired Lauren Phillips learns a very important lesson from her slave trainer: She is His Bitch, His Cunt and His Bitch. Lauren suffers tight bondage, gags, whips and a giant cock in her ass for a rock-hard ass-fuck fucking in this slave training update!extreme restrain bondage tit torture xxx
Tia Ling is a busty Asian girl with a tight bod who likes anal bang-out.  After submitting to Derrick Pierce and getting fucked in tight bondage, she now has a fresh fondness for Sadism & Masochism.  This update features lots of hot fucking, penalty and subjugation.Sheena is a demure and polite young woman- all the nicer to fuck with! Very First she is on the ground with a phat hook in her ass getting the spankings she deserves. Next she is strung up upside down with her arms in preyer, but there is no relief for this lil' toy as she gets pounded in the puss with a manstick on a stick, all the while begging and squealing to cum. To top things off She is face down in an impressive splits, fucked, whipped and all used up.Tall, long legged all natural beauty Rilynn Rae is back on HogTied for her dose of super tight inescapable bondage and orgasm overload. Her innocent white dress belies the slutty pussy underneath, and we see to it that she gets all the perverted attention she can handle. Ball gags and nipple suckers round out an ice torment session that freezes her clit before cruel vibrations send her into spasming orgasms. Suspended pussy fucking highlights the session ending with a swollen, squirting pussy and an extremely satisfied bondage slut.Fuckfest is what wakes Ava Devine up in the morning. She's one of the most enthusiastic throat breezies in the world. We put her down on her knees in a strict strappado bondage and attacked her tonsils with fuck-stick like she was paying for the privilege. It's a double deep throating as we change off, making sure that Ava never has to endure through the horror of having her face fuck hole un-fucked.Penny Barber and Mollie Rose are two sides of the same coin. On one side is Penny, the beautiful brat. She loves to antagonize her tormentors to observe what they are made of and get them to shove her to her limits. On the other is Mollie. She is as compliant as they come, suffering graciously since every bit of pain pushes her closer to an orgasm. They give us plenty of reasons to have fun with our best big bumpers torture
heavy electric torture tits and slitWhen Charlotte Cross' Sir leaves her at the Armory to be corrected for her mistakes, Mark Davis sets the wayward gimp girl right.This update includes caged gimp dame, heavy clamps on her vagina and tits, choking on cock, hardcore fucking in tight bondage, sexual domination and humiliation.
When Jasmin's slutty mom tries to seduce her step daughter's sheepish boyfriend, she unleashes his dark side. Mother get's spanked, electrocuted and strapped down for a penalizing, tit bouncing fuck that makes her sorry she hit on her innocent daughter's boyfriend.Alyssa Lynn's big fake tits look amazing tied up and bouncing as she get's pummeled by Michael Vegas. This movie includes taboo love, enormous tits, ball gags, flogging, bondage and rough hookup.Dani gives you Dani. Not fake, not acting, just the pure essence that is her. She is a playful creature that enjoys being made to endure until she cries. She wants to be held to ensure that the suffering and torture are inescapable. She craves the pain; not a lot, but just enough to bring her to tears. She finds convenience in her suffering and then smirks again when the orgasms are torn from her puss.


REF. Session: #5359


	Assfuck Instructing
	Voice control
	Ache Processing
	Mental Bondage
	Identity / Ego / Humility



	1.) Speech: Yes Sir, no Tormentor
	2.) No Self Reference
	3.) Ask to ask a question
	4.) Eye-line straight ahead

CONDUCT RATING: D1: - 3 ; + 3


	Trio Demerits: Infractions rule #1
	3 Merits: Excellence in endurance
	Demerits inscribed on right hip, merits on the left thigh.


TO Reward: Climax, reduction in demerits, Reacts well to 'superb female'

TO Punish: The whip

TO ORGASM: Penetration and clit stim works 50 - 60 % of the time

MARKING: Subject bruises lightly, generalize trauma to help control marking

TRIGGERS: Left nip = 'This nymph is yours to use'

PHOBIAS: water, spiders and dark places


Q: What do you hope to conclude here?
A: 'To gain the opportunity to improve, sir.'


	Subject is stuck in a difficult behavioral pattern where sensual speech is mostly out of reach, esp. when being fucked.
	Subject displays superb endurance and motivation
	Hates the clips: 'nothing joy about them.'
	Intimidated of the anal teaching, but surprised to find pleasure in the stretching.
	Frustrated by her deficient grubby conversing skills
	Takes pride in the demerit inscriptions
	Takes more pain if enduring for smeone else

Conducted by: Wolf Hudson

Bj Abilities
	Poor deep throat
	Superb, tight lip contact with good suction
	Excellent eye contact
	Lust: 2 / Five

	Cherry - never done assfucking before TTOO
	Measures taken: Began stretcing her bootie with a diminutive cork on Day One.
	Reactions: did highly well, little discomfort scarcely felt it, can likely go larger right away


	Flat expression, lil' emotive energy from her
	Poor verbal delivery


	Average energy, Two/Five
Iona Grace is going to be part of a magic trick today. O.T. is going to use 2 columns fastened to her iron collar to cut Iona in half. Then, when she's divided and locked into place, he is going to go to work with a cane making each side equally red and engorged. It is made even more difficult as his splendid secretary squirms and writhes attempting to sigh with a bag over her head.hentai bondageJaw-dropping Zoey Monroe looses her dress in a card game, and has to pay off the rest of her debt in sexual favors. Right from the start Zoey unsheathes herself as a serial squirter when she leaves puddles in every gig. Her tiny pussy gets vibrated and fucked in all the positions, and she just keeps on writhing and unloading all over the place.Chanel Preston came to us to do what she does best. She is a sexual animal and when it comes to blowing and fucking there is no one better. We stick her in a set of stocks and screw fuckpole down every hole available. We start her off on her knees but the bombshell of this implement is the versatility. We rotate it on its axis and briefly enough she is standing up with her poon right at wood level.
OT is the man with the plan today. He has practice taking steaming little whores like Mia to the absolute apex of ecstasy. It starts off leisurely. You can't dive right in and give them what they want too briefly. So many of these nymphs think that bondage and discipline scenes revolve around them and what they want. Letting Mia languish a bit lets her know that everything that happens is out of her control..

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Even in the worst prisons in the world the prisoners are afforded some kind of corporal action. This is what Cheyenne Bud gets as hers.When my blonde victims misbehaves I bind her rope and ravage her warm breasts.When Yhivi applies to become an Upper Floor Gimp, she must first-ever get past the domineering Alpha Victim Holly Heart before she gets to prove her worth to the dick.Creamy alabaster skinned Katharine Crop finally makes her debut at Device Bondage. She is tough as nails and her pretty eyes get so wide when we subject her to the hellish torments that await her. In the first-ever scene she is bound into a crucifixion frog-tie with leather straps on a iron pillar. She is face planted onto an extremely uncomfortable metal grid cell. Jack takes his time working her over, letting the weight of the piles on her back and the hard bite of the cage underneath sink in. Just when she can't continue to endure, she is strung up and installed into an upright version of her predicament. Her weight slowly sinks down as the leather stings into her skin. Unwrapped of her dignity, the day is off to a great embark. In scene 2, Claire intricately crafted a iron ebi position where Katharine is strapped in a sitting pose almost
Nurse Asphyxia Noir gets ravished by mental patient James Deen in this erotic dream update!  This is one of the most sexiest and mighty takedown scenes with extraordinaire chemistry.  Watch Asphyxia in rapture while fucked mercilessly in rigid bondage!We always love having Cherry Torn back on our stage. She has been doing a lot of the vanilla stuff recently but restrain bondage and rough sex are her real passions. She is an all inborn beauty who never seems to get enough prick. She can take the kind of brutish bondage and merciless drilling that leaves most girls cum-drunk and glassy-eyed, then come back for another round. She comes to us to get her fill.Remy, Rain and Cent make up our trio of tantalized honeypots this week. Each one is more excited than the last for rough bondage and super-steamy sex.
free hentai restrain bondage sexThis is another of my test shoots when I very first applied to Felony is as stiff as they come and I desired to display case her skills as a powerful bottom and how far she is willing to be pushed.  I have worked with her for years and over that time I have learned all of her buttons and exactly how to push them. After ripping her clothes off, I start her off with a insane groin cable. I want that honeypot adorable and sensitized for the whole day.The day heads on and the pain and torture just get more intense. This slut, although now Domming most of the time, needed to be reminded of how much of a submissive whore she really is. The reason she is such an intense Domina on other websites, is because she is capable of taking more than she dishes out, and this update proves it.

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